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Soon, we are going to meet a team of interviewers that we are going to send on a mission. We will get to know these people and then send them out into the world around them to meet people at random and briefly get to know them. The interviewer will be able to choose the questions they ask based on what they often want to know about others. From here, we will look at the ways in which we meet people in our lives, what is important to us in the beginning and what draws us to others. 

I think we are going to learn a great deal from this. For one, we often don't realize just how much we walk about in a tapestry of fascinating people and fascinating stories. 



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Our stories will be here. We would love to share yours!


We want to know about where you're from, where you've been and how you got where you are.


What is it that makes you who you are? Tell us about your family, your religion, or neither of those things. Whatever you have to tell, tell it.


What is it that fascinates you about you? 

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