Tell Us About Grandpa!

They're always so entertaining

My grandpa could clear a room with his dancing even into his 90s. I don't remember if it was 'good' dancing, but it was his and for that, I loved it more than anything.

We want to know about your grandpa or grandfatherly figure in your life. Do you have any stories, wisdom, useful skills, or dirty jokes he taught you that you'd love to share? If so, we're all about them!



Grandpas' Story Nook

This is where we will share the stories of your grandpas. 


What was your grandpa like to be around? Do you have any sights, sounds, smells, or just any general feeling about her you'd like to share?


Is there anything that your grandpa taught you that you'd like to pass to us? Maybe a skill, a recipe or a simple bit of wisdom? We'd love to hear it!


I try to live my life by some wisdom my "Lolo" taught me when  I was younger. I'd love to share that with you and hope you will as well.

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